Menu: Week 81

Its been a long week of sick children, sick parents and just plane sickness. Something nasty is going around and of course my family got the plague. I feel the worst for my baby Liam though. He can’t have any cold medicine because the first ingredient is Citric Acid and he’s allergic to it. I didn’t realize it though until after I had pumped him full of the stuff. Kid itched for hours, poor thing. After that We just wiped his nose with Kleenex with lotion and guess what? They use Citric Acid in the aloe to preserve it. Liam’s poor little face was all broken out and red. We just cant win.

Now that everyone seems to be on the mend, its back to our normal eating routine and a great menu  for the week. Enjoy!

Cajun chicken alfredo

Chicken tater tot casserole

Taco soup

Philly cheese steak

Pork schnitzle sandwiches

Stuffed shells

– Dinner with the in-laws

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