Menu: Week 60

So last weeks menu didn’t happen because we were on vacation at the beach and to tell you the truth, when we got home, I was exhausted. We pretty much ate what was in the freezer all week. It was nice to be laze for a while.

This week I got some super exciting news from a publisher. They asked if I would do some edits to my manuscript and resubmit. I know this isn’t a yes from them, but its progress. Anytime I have someone who knows what they are talking about help me with my writing, I feel blessed. This is going to be great, but a lot of work. I’ve already edited the first chapter, but there are still twenty-four more to go. Oi!

Here is the menu for the week. Enjoy!

– Italian marinated chicken and garlic noodles.

– Mac and cheese (quick dinner so we can go shopping for the week)

BBQ Chicken and garlic potatoes

Chicken lo mien

Broccoli salad

Chipotle chicken quesadilla 

– Dinner with the in-laws


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