Menu: Week 52

Well, started out my weekend with a nice large scratch across my cornea, thanks to my youngest son. Poked me right in the eye. Couldn’t see for 24 hours, it hurt so bad.

Likely, one of my photographer friends was able to take over my photo shoot so they didn’t have to reschedule.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much done yesterday. I had my husband txting and typing for me, and reading all my facebook messages. I wasn’t going to ask him to type my story for me, I have a hard time typing it myself with all the changes I like to make to it 🙂 Poor guy would of had a heart attack.

I’m better now, other than the slight blur in my left vision, so back to life. Although, it making it hard to read Real vampires don’t sparkle. I wonder if its any good.

Chili baked potatoes

– Spaghetti

Pork schnitzle sandwiches

Cajun chicken alfredo

– 4th of July festivities

Ranch chicken tacos

– Dinner with the In-Laws


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