#PimpMyBio – Here goes nothing…

I really don’t know a lot about Twitter, but while I was stalking the #PitchWars feed today this #PimpMyBio tag came up. I started reading what other people had to say about themselves and why the mentors should pick them. I said what the hey… I can do that… I think.
Any who, here are some of the reasons why the mentors of Pitch Wars should pick my MS and help it shine. Here are eight things about me that might make you say… Huh?…

1. My name is Sara but some times I like to add an I. That’s right, Sarai.

2. Last year for Christmas I actually gave my sister a jar of Edward Cullen’s ashes. It’s not that I was obsessed or anything… Would you like a jar of Edward Cullen’s ashes? I have extras.

3. I know what the fox says…
4. I wrote a book when I was seven about a guy that grew backwards. His name was Zartan… It was genius I tell you. What? There already was a movie about a guy that grew backwards?
Ah, dammit.
5. Grew up in a family with 8 children. Mom told me I could have a special place under the stairs to be quiet and do my writing. A place where the other kids wouldn’t bother me. To bad there were no lights…
6. I love BACON!
7. I wrote my MS during my lunch break at work. Two people I worked with actually paid me to be in my book. I am now $40 richer and have Captain Bruce Decker and Mr. Deedub to thank for that. If you want to know more about them and if I let them live you have to read my MS. 
8. And of course the good stuff…
I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to be a stay at home mom. I get to be at home with my 3 adorable boys and do what I love. Writing! Between the poop filled diapers and the drooling baby on my lap, I have become an expert at typing with one hand. That’s right folks, I can do tricks. On top of being temporarily one handed, I have an amazing ability to drown out annoying sounds. Armpit farts, battle cries, Word World. Actually… I kinda like that show. 
Anyway, if you pick me I will work my ass off. I will never give up. As I bid you adieu, I shall leave you with these words of wisdom…
P.S. Who could deny these faces… They say “Mommy should win!”

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