Artican Chapter 18

I couldn’t tell what was going on inside Nell’s head. There was a broad range of emotions forming on her face that were all jumbled together. “I can’t change what I am. I am a cold blooded killer infused with the power of the Underworld. I’m afraid of what will happen if I don’t send souls to the Underkeeper. He will come for me, I know he will.”
A shimmering tear rolled down her face. A human emotion. “I miss my sister. We were human once, you know? Taken by those who worship the gods when we were little. Delah was given to the Overkeeper and I… I was sent to hell where I was trained. I haven’t seen my sister since.”

Without warning she turned back into her mist form and disappeared into the forest. She needed time to think. I needed time to think. What just happened?

67031 / 94000 words. 71% done!


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