Artican Chapter 15

Again in the silence came the mist from the shadows. It was crimson red, the color of blood. Its ominous sight sent chills down my spine even though I knew it was Nell. This time the men saw it coming too and they began to run and scatter. Farenan yelled from atop his horse for order, but no one listened. “Turn and fight you pansies. You are soldiers of the Dominion and you will act like it!”

His words were in vain. Men ran in circles, yelling in fright. Some fell to the ground without limbs or died in front of my eyes from Nell’s unseen sword. Pandemonium was all around. This was my chance. The minute the mist was near I lay my heals into the flank of my horse and rode. Ruan clung to my back tightly just as I had told her to do, her arms squeezing my ribs almost painfully. 

56676 / 94000 words. 60% done!


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