Artican Chapter 10

Arsan’s hands trembled as he held me close. His finger wiped away the tears that flowed down my red hot cheeks. “Please, don’t listen to him.”
His words were only a whisper but they felt like a shout inside my numb head. Everything that I was able to hold onto this long was vanishing in a confusing mess of stories and lies. I didn’t know who to believe. I didn’t know who to trust. There was only one question that needed to be answered, “Is it true? Did he send you to kidnap me?”
I could tell that he didn’t want to answer me. His face contorted in pain, physical and mental. All I needed was that one word, yes or no, and I would be satisfied. When his gaze dropped and his hands fell from my face I knew my answer.
“Yes,” he whispered in my ear.

My heart broke.

40444 / 94000 words. 43% done!


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