I’m back!

So, I’m back from my summer hiatus with a pretty big change. My hair is about 10 inches shorter. Yes, BIG change, but a long awaited one. 
Yep, there it goes. All gone with a little help from my sisters friend Rachel. It was so nice not to have hair down my back in the blistering 100 degree heat this summer. Jealous? I know you are. Then, something strange happened.

Miley Cyrus got the same hair cut and she bleached it. What do I have to do around here to be original. People are going to start thinking I’m copying Miley Cyrus. Not that I hate her or anything, cause I don’t, but come on. Give me just this one.
Some times life’s just not fair.

So now that I’m done ranting, I’m going to leave you with my summer theme song, via Miley Cyrus. Enjoy!


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