a close to my weekend…

What a hot and humid weekend. It felt like I was breathing water as I walked from my house to my car. Even though you sweated all the liquid from your body within a minute of stepping outdoors my adorable hubby found something constructive to do… or should I say destructive.

This is what was sitting in my drive way for the last year taking up my precious front row seat. This hideous mass of metal (aka Jason’s jeep) was the bane of my existence, the thorn in my side. Over the course of my Saturday it started to look like this,
and sooner then I thought it looked something like this,
This I can handle, plus its on the street now which leaves me with my beloved parking spot in the driveway. Now if I can only figure out how to back the car in straight we would be in business, details, details.
In other news, finished my cousins order for a new baby hat and booties. How cute are these.
yeah, these are some of my favorites.
Alright, get ready for the ultimate birthday present for your 4 year old. Daddy brought home a lovely piece of metal. Drum roll please…..
A midget size shovel for Phoenix.
Another week under my belt and a busy week to come.
Later peeps!!!!

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